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All the news about our mission to evangelize on the digital continent.

Accro au porno depuis 25 ans… il est soudainement guéri !

François est addict à la pornographie depuis plus de 25 ans. Il n’a jamais réussi à s’en sortir vraiment. Sa vie en est très affectée. Il en parle à un prêtre, qui lui propose la petite prière de délivrance sur à l’intercession du bienheureux Carlo Acutis. Il la dit avec tout son coeur. Il se passe quelque chose… Sept mois plus tard, il annonce à ce prêtre qu’il est guéri !


« Thanks to, I was cured of pornography »

She is 22 years old, she is addicted to pornography since she was 12 years old and goes every day to a porn site. She asks God to help her, "because I can't do it alone. At a wedding, an aunt gave her our prayer of deliverance at the intercession of Carlo Acutis. She said it that evening, and a week later she realized that she had not returned to a porn site, that she was healed. She will announce it to us 9 months later by the chat' of!


« I can't thank you enough for what you did for me today! »

His companion loses his 24 year old daughter in dramatic conditions. In this drama, he tries to comfort her. He goes on the Internet, types in "Life after death" and "suicide" and comes across our platform An e-missionary listens to him and Dominique tells him what happened to her. We send him a prayer by e-mail, and he replies: "I will never thank you enough for what you have done for me today! With the help of a priest we found near his home, he asked for baptism and entered the catechumenate. The first person to ask for baptism thanks to the Lights in the Dark mission has the first name of the bishop who sent us: what a beautiful wink from God!


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